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Carbon Footprint Calculator

The first step in reducing your carbon emissions is to measure your carbon footprint. Measuring your carbon footprint allows you to understand and visualise your emissions and prioritise areas for reduction. 

The free carbon footprint calculator for SMEs is simple to use. It provides you with a detailed breakdown of your emissions from different sources and scopes. The results enable you to identify the areas where you can make the biggest carbon reductions. 

The tool will also measure your carbon footprint in both absolute terms (i.e., your total emissions) and per employee or annual revenue terms. This will allow you to see how your footprint has changed relative to your annual growth overtime.

The calculator follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the international standard for carbon accounting and emissions reporting, and the uses the latest conversion factors provided by the UK Government. Your carbon footprint will be measured in tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) – this allows for a number of greenhouse gases to be expressed as a single number.

The carbon calculator will open as an excel spreadsheet. 

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